These statements are made as one of the authors responsibility
During on the Job Training (Prakerin) in PT.UNISEM BATAM
on Date July 27, 2010 until December 17, 2010




Arranged By:


NIS : 3776

Program Membership   : Information Technology

Area Membership                           : Information Technology and Network




Jl. Prof. DR. Hamka No. 1 Tembesi Kec. Batu Aji Batam-29422

Telp. (0778) 365 909 Fax. (0778) 365 904, 365 903



Thank to God because praise and thank the writer turning to the presence of God Almighty who has given thanks and blessing to the author so I can finish all the activities during the performance on the Job Training (Prakerin) Program and can complete the task the preparation of this final report.

Making the Final Report on the Job Training (Prakerin) is proposed as one of the conditions to increase the level of second grade students at SMK Negeri 1 Batam, well as one of the authors of accountability in implementing the activities undertaken during their stay on the Job Training.

On this occasion, the authors carry out activities on the Job Training at one of the  assembling semiconductor companies, that is PT.UNISEM Batam which is have place in Jl S. Parman Kavling 201, Batamindo Industrial Park, Muka Kuning, Batam.

At PT.UNISEM Batam, the author placed in the Department IT Infrastructure as a computer technician. In implementing on the Job Training, the author is guided by mentors who are in IT at the Department for the implementation on the Job Training (Prakerin) and in the preparation of this paper. The topic that the author took to the preparation of this paper is about one of the database program used in PT.UNISEM Batam. And the title that the author gave to the paper are:


Where the content and discussion of this paper is the result of the analysis and conduct activities for writers working practices in PT.UNISEM Batam.

             Preparation of this paper can’t be separated from the help and guidance from various parties, both morally and materially. Therefore, the authors would like to thank especially to God because without permission would not be able to complete the author of this paper. Also for both parents, my sisters and brothers and beloved family who always gave support to the author, either party school teachers and my friends of SMK N 1 Batam, as well as the industries that helped the author in carrying on the Job Training (Prakerin). As for those who are not all writers can be mentioned, there are:

  1. Arif Rahman Hakim, as HRD Manager in PT.UNISEM Batam;
  2. Johannes Alamsyah, as Training head section in PT.UNISEM Batam;
  3. Tine Sopaheluwakan, as Director MIS in PT.UNISEM Batam;
  4. Didan Nugraha, as IT Infrastructure Manager in PT.UNISEM Batam;
  5. Dodi Suharto,as IT Service Desk staff also mentor writers on the Job Training in PT.UNISEM Batam;
  6. Arneli Yusnita and all staff training, as coordinator on the Job Training PT.UNISEM Batam;
  7. Rino Nusatiara, who helped author the final report on the Job Training;
  8. Ricardo Tua, as IT team Opersys;
  9. Rohimat, as IT team Opersys;
  10. Agung Hani Widodo, as IT team Opersys;
  11. All staff IT department in PT.UNisem Batam;
  12. All staff and employees of PT.UNISEM Batam;
  13. Deden Suryana, M. Pd, as Headmaster of SMK Negeri 1 Batam;
  14. Hanifa, S. Pd, as Chairman of the Information Technology Program;
  15. Achmad Jiwaseraya, S. Pd, as coordinator on the job training of SMK Negeri 1 Batam;
  16. Asmiati,S.S, as advisor report;
  17. Yarliansyah, S. ST, as the Master Class II IT
  18. Hudawi, S. Ag, as a motivator teacher for author;
  19. All instructor staff and employees of SMK Negeri 1 Batam;
  20. All the IT major of friends who have given moral support and also spiritual;
  21. All my friends on the Job Training in PT.UNISEM Batam;
  22. And also all those who have helped the author either indirectly or directly which can’t be mentioned one by one.

May the good deeds father and mother and also of all parties to help writers work in the implementation of industry practices and the preparation of this final report to get a reply and reward from Allah SWT.

The authors apologize as much as possible, if the implementation of working practices in the industry PT.UNISEM Batam. This author has accepted less precise, and many make the mistake to all parties.

The author realizes that in the preparation of this report there are certainly still many shortcomings and mistakes, because the authors have limited ability and limited material obtained by the author. Therefore, the authors welcome any suggestions and constructive criticism as an input for writers in the future in order to become better.

Finally, the author of Expect this report can be useful for writers and readers, especially in general.

Batam,             December 2010,




This report has been ratified and agreed

On       December 2010 in Batam By :


Coordinator on the Job Training,




NIP. 19720326 200312 1 005

  Counselor of Report,




NRGT. 2010 020058


Acknowledged By :

Headmaster of SMK Negeri 1 Batam





NIP. 19750602 200312 1 010



This report has been ratified and agreed

On        December 2010 in Batam By:

IT Infrastructure





  Coordinator on the Training Job IT Departement,




Acknowledged By :

Recruitment, Learning, and Development,









CHAPTER I  INTRODUCTION……………………………………………………………..1 

1.1  Background Establishment On The Training Job. 1

1.2  Objectives On The Training  Job. 4

1.3  Background On Selection Of Title. 5

1.4  The Purpose Implementation Report Writing On The Training Job (Prakerin) 6

1.5  Scope And Limitation Problem.. 6


2.1  Brief Profile of Company. 8

2.2  Organization Chart Company. 9

2.3  Organization Chart Of IT (Information Technology) Department 9

2.4  Discipline Work Company. 11

2.5  Conservancy and Development of Environment 12

2.6  Policy of Safety and Health of Job. 13


3.1  WHAT IS CWORKS ?. 14

3.2  How Is It Used?. 14

3.3  What Should You Do Before Starting?. 15

3.4  How To Log Into CWorks. 16

3.5  How To Connect CWorks SQL Application To The Database. 16

3.6  How Does CWorks Work?. 19

3.6.1  CWorks Main Menu. 19

3.6.2  Description Of CWorks Modules. 19  Work Orders. 19

  1. How To Open A New Work Order. 20
  2. How To Fill Up A New Work Order. 21
  3. How To Assign A Work Order To A Contractor. 23
  4. How To Export Work Order List To Microsoft Excel 24  Assets. 24

  1. How To Add A New Asset 25
  2. How To Add Relationship Of A Particular Asset to Other Assets. 26
  3. How To View And Modify Exiting Asset 28
  4. How To Transfer An Asset?. 30  Location. 31

  1. How To Add A New Location ?. 31
  2. How To View And Modify A Location?. 32
  3. How To Filter Out Location Information?. 33  Preventive. 34

  1. How To Register A New PM Task. 35
  2. How To View PM Plan Forecast Screen. 36
  3. How To View Preventive Maintenance Work Order Forecasts. 37
  4. How To Create A Metered PM Schedule Master. 38
  5. How To Add Multiple Tasks. 38
  6. How To Log Meter Readings And Generate Metered PM Work Orders. 39  Employee. 41

  1. How To Add A New Employee/Requester. 41
  2. How To View And Modify An Employee/Request Data. 43
  3. How To Filter Out Employee Information. 43  Material 44

  1. How To Use Materials Main Screen. 44
  2. How To Register A New Part 46
  3. How To Modify Parts Information. 47
  4. Transferring Between Stores. 47
  5. Registering A Tool 48
  6. Transferring Tools Between Custodians. 49  Work Request 50

  1. What Is A Work Request?. 50
  2. How To Create A New Work Request?. 50
  3. Generate A Work Order From Work Request Module. 51  Purchasing. 54

  1. How To Raise a Purchase Order?. 54
  2. How To Select Items From Purchase Proposal?. 55  Masters. 56

  1. How To Create Master Data. 57
  2. Master – Misc. 58  Administration. 59

  1. How To Add User Information In Administration Module. 59
  2. How To Change Passwords And Set Accessibility. 69  Exit 61


4.1  Conclusion. 62

4.2  Suggestions. 63

4.2.1  Suggestions For Title Of The Report On The Training Job (Prakerin) 63

4.2.2  Suggestions For Industry Parties. 64

4.2.3  Suggestions For School Parties. 65

4.2.4  Suggestions For The Next Generation. 66






1.1 Background Establishment On The Training Job

Development of science and technology today has undergone much progress so
fast. In line with the development of science and technology, the nation of Indonesia as adeveloping countrydid not escape the influence of these advances. Various efforts havebeen made by the government in order to realize national development goals, namely tocreate a just and prosperous society both materially and spiritually based on Pancasila andUUD 1945Constitution.One effort in realizing this goal, the government gives attention to the fostering anddevelopment of human resources is a basic capital construction. Development of humanresources are directed to create a skilled man, tough and has the ability to provide benefits
and add value to the efforts of the National Development.Work done by the government among others is to create an education system thattargeted programs and integrated. The education system aims to realize the Indonesianpeople fully capable of supporting a dynamic national development towards the realization
of improvement in national economy based on the principle of self-confidence and
independence-oriented nation.
With the expansion and improvement in the field of vocational education,
especially in the field, then created the nation cadres who are responsible and skilled in allareas. Based on this, the government established the institutions of general and vocationaleducation that aims to realize human potential and efficient.SMK Negeri 1 Batam, which is one of Vocational High School who practices a toplevel education three years, was established by the government as a means to educate, trainand nurture students to have basic techniques that can appear as a figure who is ready towork and also to lectureat selected universities to carry out further learning program.In an effort to develop Vocational High School Upper Level, the governmenttogether with the industry, working together to create a program that will bridge the gapbetween vocational schools with industry. The program is realized in the form on thetraining job (Prakerin). Basic implementationon the training jobare:
a. GBHN 1993, which has provided clear direction for the development of Indonesia
in facing thefuture. In accordance with the GBHN 1993, the focus of the Long-
Term Development Phase II (PJPT II) and Pelita VI is the development of Human
b. Awareness of the presence of interdependence that can not be avoided between
Vocational Secondary Education as an education on the one hand and the Company
as the world of work on the other hand.
c. In the annex to decision on the 1994 curriculum SMKTA Mendikbud, stated that
improving the quality and relevance of secondary vocational education is directed
to develop a system which is intact and stable, so there is continuity between the
world of education and the world of work.
d. With reference to the purpose of secondary education at the secondary school
section 3 paragraph 2 and the Government Regulation Number 29 of 1990,
education at the Vocational School (SMK) aims to:
Preparing students to enter employment and develop a professional attitude.
Preparing students to be able to choose a career, capable competent and
able to develop self.
Preparing middle level manpower to fill the needs of the business and the
industry at present and in future.
To prepare graduates to become productive citizens, adaptive and creative.
e. Mission formation of human development that could act as a middle-level skilled
workers a decent job in a variety of vocational skills, are translated systematically
outlined in Program Teaching (GBPP) on various study programs in Curriculum
1994 SMKTA.A series of subjects that support the attainment of the objectives of
a course of study is allocated in time and amount of reasonable fees, as set out in
the structure of the course concerned. In each subject, while the allocated amount
for the cost of Field Work Experience /on the training job.
Based on the points above, then the Employment on thetraining job in the
business or industrial world must be followed by all students.
Implementation training job in SMK Negeri 1 Batam is the wisdom of the
“Link and Match”, which is in the process carried out in two places, namely at school
and in the business / industry.

This effort was undertaken in order to improve the quality of graduates of SMK
Negeri 1 Batam in achieving educational relevance by demanding needs of business /industry, as well as students will have the work ethic of quality work, discipline anddiligence in working time as well as extensive industry insight.

1.2 Objectives On The Training JobThe purpose of the implementation of Industrial Work Practices are as follows:

a. Improve, expand and strengthen skills that will shape the ability ofstudents as a
preparation for entering the workforce.
b. Cultivate and maintain a professional attitude required students to enter the
working world.
c. Increase student recognition on those aspects of potential business in the world of
work, among others: thestructure of business organizations, business associations,
career, business management, etc.
d. Provide opportunities for students to socialize themselves to the atmosphere /
climate of the actual work environment, both as workers receiving wages
(employee)as well as self-employed (entrepreneur), particularly with regard to the
work discipline.
e. Improve, expand and consolidate the process of implementing new technology
from the world of work to school and vice versa.
f. Obtain input and feedback to improve and develop vocational education
g. Providing opportunities in, placement of graduates and cooperation.

1.3 Background On Selection Of Title
In this era of globalization is now a lot of technology that is growing rapidly and
has many programs that areused to allow a user to complete the job. In implementing theworking practices in the industry PT.UNISEM Batam, the author placed in the Departmentof Information Technology, which set out the department of information systems andhandle a variety of problems experienced by computer users. In PT.UNISEMBatam, infact the author handles a variety of jobs. In this report author chose the title of:


The author chose this title is based on:
a. Author’s interest in the material that will be used as material statements.
b. As additional knowledge for the writer when the writer will be accepted as
workers / employees in PT.UNISEMBatam.
c. Because this matter has to do with the major writers.
d. Because the title is one of the authors for carrying out the practice of industrial
employment in PT.UNISEM Batam.
e. Author’s desire to understand and learn about the program database.
f. As a basic reference and starting point for the writers to deepen more knowledge
about the programs that developed in the next era.
Based on the above description, the author desires that this report can be used as
learning. Hopefully on the training job Report presented by the authors can be
useful for readers, especially to the writer myself.

1.4 The Purpose Implementation Report WritingOn The Training Job (Prakerin)

Writing the report on the training job (Prakerin) for students aimed as:
a. Material understanding, strengthening and developing lessons learned in the
school and its application in the corporate world/ world of work.
b. Material to account for the contents of the report Productive Practice Expertise in
schools that assessment in determining the value of graduation.
c. One of the requirements to be able to follow the Evaluation Study Final Stage
(EBTA) and semester exams.
d. As one proof that the student has followed on the training job (Prakerin) in the
Industrial World.
e. As the material students accountable for following on the training job practices
f. As a source of knowledge and guidance to the reader when one day need more
information about the contents of this report.
g. Description of CWorks SQL User Manual.

1.5 Scope And Limitation Problem
PT. UNISEM Batam is a private company engaged in the assembly, testing and
packing semi-conductor components of the IC (Integrated Circuit).On this occasion the author was placed at the Help Desk IT department that isresponsible for the maintenance of all computer problems are employees / users inPT.UNISEMBatam.
To reporton the training job (Prakerin)writer take title:

The author limited the scope of issues to be presented throughout the writer can.
Given the very short time given and the knowledge the author is not so deep, the authors
limit the discussion only on:
 The program CWorksitself;
 Use of CWorks in PT.UNISEM Batam;
 Creating a database using sql CWorks user manual, etc;
Restricted problem is intended for the main content more focused discussion on
one thing, namely in terms of working principles that aimto not be too widespread
problem, so the author has more flexibility to describe the problem precisely and clearly.




  1.                 Brief Profile of Company

PT.UNISEM Batam is a peripatetic company is industrial area flourish conductor which is have location to in Jln S. Parman Kav. 201. BIP Muka Kuning Batam. This Company of opening stand up on 18 July 2007. In this time company have employees 3750 people where most him is laboring woman employees as production operator & man as technician.

PT.UNISEM Batam is a Peripatetic area of effort Assembling, Examination, and Packing IC. Yielded by Products is PT.UNISEM Batam made pursuant to order of customers. Therefore, PT.UNISEM Batam referred as by company of subcontractor. Yielded by products is PT.UNISEM Batam 100% marketed out country (100% exporting).

PT.UNISEM Batam represent one of [the] International company which have owned International certification, UNISEM ISO 9000: 2001, ISO / TS 16949 – Second Edition, and ISO 14001: 2004.

  1.     Organization Chart Company

Organizational of PT.UNISEM Batam grouped to the two part of operation in charge of produce I.C. and supporter shares in charge of conduct activity having the character of to support part of operation, without involving productive direct. Marginally can be seen by at organizational structure following.

  1.                      Organization Chart Of IT (Information Technology) Department

IT Department is department arranging exit enter information system and handle various problem of computer user in PT.UNISEM Batam. In IT department to becoming two room they are IT PROGRAMMER and IT INFRASTRUCTURE. Where writer placed in IT INFRASTRUKTURE as technician handling is assorted of problem at user computer in PT.UNISEM Batam together with IT PKL team. Team IT PKL stay in side tuition of IT OPERSYS. As for structure of organization in IT Department shall be as follows:

  1.           Discipline Work Company
  1. Discipline Administration
    1. Bounding In Honour UNISEM Batam
    2. Using ID card truly during residing in environment of PT.UNISEM Batam
    3. Adhering and following all rule, procedure and system and also administrative regulation which go into effect in company
    4. Experiencing year of service practice with time which have been determined by side go to school and company fully feel responsibility


  1. Discipline in working
    1. Registering its timecard each time attend to enter job and each time go to home at machine marker of provided attendance. Record-Keeping of timecard done once at machine marker of attendance (area machine 2).
    2. Filling compactly Internship Action Report (I.A.R.) to each every absence, delay, or go to home early. I.A.R. have to sign by counselor and is hereinafter delivered to Coordinator Job Practice.
    3. Participant of practice job do not be agreed to reside in outside UNISEM at work without permit of counselor
    4. Following and executing activity of training, instruction and tuition given by Coordinator job practice and menthol obligingly
    5. When is full scale of absence with permit + absence without permit exceed 80 hours in execution of Job Practice , hence the student do not be allowed to continue execution of industrial job practice.
  2.            Conservancy and Development of Environment


  1. Identifying and conducting continual repair at machines, environment and process around to be fulfilling conditions of Environmental System Management
  2. Applying ” housekeeping” good and depository method of correct chemicals for the minimization of potency affect to environment
  3. Fulfilling conditions of invitation, specification of Environmental System Management and other conditions which go into effect.
  4. Pushing effort thrift of energy and continuation of natural resources.
  5. Identifying and pushing natural resources recycle and resurrect and also lessen usage of dangerous materials.
  6. Blocking in to listen carefully Emergency to handle potential emergency situation happened.
  7. Pushing effort to lessen pollution able to contaminate air, land ground and water and also prevent negative impact to environment.
  8. Pushing awareness all employees to environment by giving publication and training.
  9. Pushing participation of supplier contractor and to fulfill conditions of Environmental System Management.
  10. Submitting policy of this environment to public if there is request officially.
  1.            Policy of Safety and Health of Job


  1. Push environmental creation which is conducive to work matching with requirement of employees psychology and physical.
  2. Push continual repair at safety standard and health.
  3. Fulfill conditions of invitation, code, health standard and instruction and safety which related to work and also relate to sides in charge for development a period of to come.
  4. Give information, instruction and train all employees to give understanding to them about job environment, its danger potency and the importance of working as according to order going into effect.
  5. Conduct the consultancy with employees related to health danger potency and handled working safety and also conduct action repair at health danger potency and safety which have been identified.
  6. Submit to each every guest/visitor entering company environment to comprehend conditions of safety related to area visited and also ask them to fulfill all conditions.
  7. Realize obligation of company to customer and society by making every effort to give peaceful product, if used by real correct in line with the product made.
  8. Apply and take care of system to conduct management to all especial aspect of working safety and health, including reporting of accident, measurement and record-keeping to objective which have been specified.

  10. On the training job (Prakerin) aims to enhance students ability to gain skills that
    can support creativity, skill and innovation. After carrying on the training job (Prakerin) in
    PT.Unisem Batam, the author can draw a variety of valuable experience in industry and
    somewhat know how the reality of the world of work in the industry. Hence, therefore, the
    author can draw conclusions from the results of the author in PT.Unisem Batam. Hopefully
    can be beneficial to all parties.
    The conclusion that can be drawn from the author on the training job (Prakerin) for
    author in PT.Unisem Batam are:
    a. Industrial Work Practices can make students who can recognize the industry and
    increase employment experience directly or practice, so students have the
    mentality at work.
    b. With the Industrial Job, students can have a picture of the industry and at the
    graduate and be accepted as workers in industry, students will not feel alien to the
    environment and the industry will quickly adapt to the environment in the
    c. With the implementation of the Work Practices of this industry to better
    understand students ‘science lessons learned in school, because all knowledge
    gained in theory, practice and applied in many industrial applications, so that the
    students’ understanding of the material becomes more increase.
    d. Working With Industry Practices, students become more disciplined and
    prosecuted for the more mature minded and responsible in taking action or in
    taking a decision.
    e. Seriousness is a supporting factor in doing work that is being done.
    f. The author feels kinship in PT.UNISEM Batam is very strong.
    g. CWorks SQLwas developed to provide a more robust and securesystem with the
    capability to handle large amounts of data. CWorks SQL is aclient server
    application which is developed on Microsoft Access withMicrosoft SQL Server as
    its database.
    4.2 Suggestions
    After the authors implement Productive Skills Practice, the author gets a lot of
    experience and lessons. With all humility the writer will submitsuggestions to the industry
    and the school, and the authors hope that these suggestions can be built for the school or
    the industry.
    4.2.1 Suggestion ForTheTitle OfTheReportOn The Training Job (Prakerin)
    1. The data would be included in the Cwork SQL shouldbe more accurate;
    2. Should there Cwork SQL that can be used without to connect to the server;
    4.2.2 SuggestionsForIndustryParties
    1. Cooperation between industry parties with the school are expected to be
    maintained and fostered more tightly;
    2. Students who are conducting the practice of industrial employment (On Job
    Training) in the IT Department are given confidence in handling a job, giving
    rise to a sense of responsibility toward the task of doing as well as to develop
    his ability;
    3. Coordination between the industries, schools and students are expected to be
    increased so that the implementation Prakerin and manufacture of paper, or
    report Prakerin running smoothly;
    4. In addition to getting general training andmachinetraining is expected to be
    givenEnglishtrainingwe know that PT.UNISEM Batam is an international
    company, so that English language skills need to be improved;
    5. For the industry is expected for students to put the industry working practices
    in accordance with the competence of students;
    6. We recommend that students work practice fostered more and more industries
    are given adequate training in performing his job;
    4.2.3 Suggestions For School Parties
    1. Improve supervision or monitoring of students who perform Prakerin, so that
    the school is directly related to the student concerned or through the parties
    fulfilling their place Prakerin industry;
    2. Good English skills in reading comprehension and conversation further
    enhanced hope to deepen the theory that almost all of the user guide or manual
    book of an equipmentin English;
    3. Relationship between the teachers, students and parents and citizens of other
    schools please be enhanced by improving the learning process at school;
    4. Tutoring by teachers is expected to more attention especially to the
    understanding and mastery of basic knowledge and practice;
    5. Program students are expected to learn more programmed so that more students
    master all vocational lessons learned;
    6. Activities that encourage students to creativity for more improved, such as
    Scientific Work of Youth, for more skilled students;
    7. It is expected that the school specifically for each field of study program can
    provide lessons that follow the latest technologies that have been widely used
    in industry, without forgetting the basic technology is the basis of the creation
    of new;

    4.2.4 Suggestions For The Next Generation

  11. The suggestions that can be given the author mainly of younger siblings
    who will perform Industry Work Practices are:
    1. Good communication with all employees where we Industry Work Practices is
    a good start to a long term cooperation;
    2. Obey all laws applicable in industries where bail was written or unwritten;
    3. Obey the school rules even if you’re doing Practices in Industryasthe
    percentage of your presence in the industry, supervised by the School;
    4. Keep the attitude that we can discipline after the School and can be appliedin
    industry and vice versa;
    5. Work on a given task with full responsibility and ask questions to the industry;
    6. Keep ethics and courtesy during the conduct of work practicesandIndustry
    7. Telling the truth and do not create problems for the industry and in schooland
    keep the good name of the school and industry;